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            • Foreign performance
            • Domestic performance
            No Customer Name Project Name Qty Application Time
            1 Sinopec Qilu Petrochemical Industry Corporation 150 ten thousand tons/year residual oil hydrodesulfurization renovation 2 2003.3
            2 Sinopec Engineering Construction Co.,Ltd (Hainan Shihua) 310 ten thousand tons/year catalytic raw material 4 2006.2
            3 Sinopec Engineering Construction Corporation (Qingdao) 320 ten thansand tons / year hydrotreater 8 2008.5
            4 China Petroleum Dalian Petrochemical Co.,Ltd. 300 ten thansand tons /year residual hydrodesulfurization 8 2008.8
            5 China Petroleum Dalian Petrochemical Co.,Ltd. 300 ten thansand tons / year residual hydrodesulfurization 16 2008.8
            6 China Shenhua Coal & Oil Co.,Ltd. Direct coal liquefaction 8 2008.1
            7 Sinopec Tianjin Branch 130 ten thansand tons year wax hydrotreater thermophoto-polymer material 4 2009.5
            8 Sinopec Tianjin Branch 180 ten thansand tons / year hydrocracking 8 2009.5
            9 Sinopec Dushanzi Petrochemical Branch 200 ten thoudand tons / year hydrocracking 1 2009.6
            10 Zhonghai Petroleum Refining and Chemical Co.,Ltd. Huizhou Refining branch 400 ten thousand tons / year high pressure hydrocracking unit thermophoto-polymer air cooler 16 2009.6
            11 Zhonghai Petroleum Refining and Chemical Co.,Ltd. Huizhou Refining Branch 400 ten thousand tons / year high pressure hydrocracking unit thermophoto-polymer air cooler 16 2009.6
            12 China Petroleum Guangxi Sinopec Branch ten million refining wax hydrocracking thermophoto - polymer air cooler 16 2009.7
            13 Sinopec Anqing Petrochemical Branch Wax hydrogeneration integrated unit thermophoto- polymer air cooler 4 2009.8
            14 Sinopec Anqing Petrochemical Branch Wax hydrogeneration integrated unit low thermophoto - polymer air cooler 1 2009.8
            15 Sinopec Huamao Petrochemical Branch 180 ten thousand tons / year wax hydrofining unit thermophoto - polymer air cooler 4 2009.9
            16 Sinopec Zhenhai I Hydrocracking expanding and rebuilding Capacity 8 2010.8
            17 Guangzhou Sinopec Branch 200 ten thousand tons / year diesel hydro-upgrading unit 4 2012.1
            18 Wuhan Sinopec Branch 180 ten thousand tons / year hydrocracking unit 8 2012.6
            19 Jinling Sinopec Branch 180 ten thousand tons / year residual oil hydrocracking unit 4 2012.9
            20 Qingdao Refining Chemical Co.,Ltd. 200 ten thousand tons / year hydrocracking unit 8 2013.11
            21 Anqing Sinopec Branch ten thousand tons / year heavy oil hydrogeneration unit 8 2012.10
            22 Shanghai Sinopec Branch ten thousand tons / year residual oil hydrogeneration unit 16 2012.12
            23 Sinopec Tianjin Branch 180 ten thousand tons /year hydrocracking unit rebuilding 4 2012.8
            24 China Petroleum Xinan Branch Turkmenistan South 16 2013.9
            25 Sinopec Quanzhou Chemical Co.,Ltd. 330 ten thousand / year residual hydrotreater 16 2014.7.9
            26 Sinopec Quanzhou Chemical Co.,Ltd. 260 ten thousand tons / year wax hydrocracking unit 16 2014.7.9
            27 Sinopec Quanzhou Petrochecmial Co.,Ltd 375 ten thousand tons / year desiel liquid phase hdrogenation low heat separation air cooler r 2 2014.7.9
            28 China Petroleum Guangxi Petrochemial Branch Residul oil hydrodesulfurizer low thermial seperation air cooler 2 2013.11
            29 Yangzi Sinopec Branch 200 ten thousand tons high pressure hydrocracking unit 8 2013.8
            30 China Petrolieum Guangxi Petrochemical Branch Residul oil hydrodesulfurizer thermal high resolution air cooler 16 2013.11
            31 Petroleum Dagang Sinopec Branch 100 ten thousand tons / year hydrocracking unit 8 2013.5
            32 Beijing Petrochemical Engineering Co.,Ltd Shanxi Yanchang petroleum (Group) Coal-oil Coprocessing Experiment and Demonstration Unit 8 Has been put into production
            33 China Petroleum Changqing Petrochemical Branch 60 ten thousand tons / year diesel hydrofining unit 1 Has been put into production
            34 Ningbo Zhongjin Petrochemical Co.,Ltd Aromatic hydrocarbon the second alliance hydrogeneration quality improving unit 16 Has been put into production
            35 China Huanqiu Engineering Corporation Yunnan 1000 ten thousand tons refining residul oil hydrodesulfurization heat high seperation air cooler 16 Completion of Erection
            36 Sinopec Luoyang Engineering Co.,Ltd. Yunnan 1000 ten thousand tons refining was hydrogeneration high pressure air cooler 9 Completion of Erection
            37 Hebei Xinhai chemical group Co.,ltd 160 ten thousand tons /year hydrocracking unit 4 Completion of Erection
            38 Lijin Petrochemical Factory Co.,Ltd. 260 ten thousand tons /year residual oil hydrodesulfurization unit 8 Completion of Erection
            39 Sinopec Jingmen Branch 200 ten thousand tons residul oil hydro heat high seperation air cooler 8 Completion of Erection
            40 Zhonghai oil & gas (Taizhou) Sinopec Co.,Ltd. 150 ten thousand tons /year hydrocracking unit 8 Completion of Erection
            41 Zhonghai Petroleum Refining & Chemical Co.,Ltd Huizhou Refining Branch Refining Phase II 400 ten thousand tons / year residul oil hydrogeneration unit 16 Completion of Delivery
            42 Sinopec Yangzi Petroleum Chemical Co.,Ltd. redisual hydrogeneration service unit air cooler 1 Completion of Delivery
            43 Zhonghai Petrochemical (Yingkou)Co.,Ltd. 240 ten thousand tons / year hydrocracking unit 8 under production
            44 Panjin North Liqing Co., Ltd. 30 ten thousand tons / year naphthenic base oil seperation hydrogeneration unit 4 Completion of Delivery
            45 Sinopec Jinling Branch 200 ten thousand tons/ year residual oil hydrogeneration unit 5 Completion of Delivery
            46 Zhonghai Petroleum Refining Co.,Ltd. Huizhou Refining Branch Refining Phase II 400 ten thousand tons / year redisual oil hydrogeneration unit 2 Completion of Delivery
            47 Shandong Huaxing Petroleum chemical Group Co.ltd. 180 ten thousand tons/ year hydrogeneration quality improving unit 9 Completion of Delivery
            48 Zhenghe Group Co., Ltd. 140 ten thousand tons/year hydrogeneration quality improving unit 11 Completion of Delivery
            49 Shandong Shouguang Luqing Petrochemical Co.,Ltd. 160 ten thousand tons / year wax hydrogeneration methyl alcohol 8 under production
            50 China Huanqiu Engineering Corporation Huabei Petrochemical refining uqdating quality and safety ,environment protection and technology reconstruction 340 ten thousand tons / year redisual oil hydrogeneration unit 14 under production
            51 China Huanqiu Engineering Corporation Huabei Petrochemical Corporation Refining Quality Updating and Safety Environment Protection Technoloty Reconstruction 290 ten thousand tons / year wax hydrogeneration unit 17 under production
            52 China Petroleum Materials Co.,Ltd Liaoyang petrochemical russian processing of crude oil optimization and modification 240 ten thousand tons / year residual oil hydrogeneration 10 under production
            53 Dongying Qirun Chemical Co.,Ltd. oil quality updating recontruction hydrocracking heat high seperation air cooler 4 under production
            54 Sinkiang Xinhuixia Cleaning Energy Co., Ltd. Sinkiang 12 under production
            55 Zhejiang Petrochemical Co.,Ltd. 500 ten thousand tons / year residual oil hydrocracking 18 under production
            56 Jiangsu Xinhai Petrochemical Co.,Ltd. 100 ten thousand tons/year continuous reconstruction oxygen gas tower air cooler 1 under production
            57 Shandong Shenchi Chemical Group Tube Bundle material updating project 4 under production
            58 Lanzhou Lanshi Heavy Equipment Co.,ltd. Panjin Haoye 120 ten thousand tons/year aromatic hydrocarbon Phase III 160 ten thousand tons/year hydrocracking unit 8 under production
            59 Sinopec Zhenhai Refining Branch old district structral adjusting quality updating project 260 ten thousand tons / year fluidized bed redisual oil hydrogeneration 10 under production
            60 Wuhan Jinzhong Petrochemical Engineering Co.,Ltd. Longyou chemical 550 ten thousand tons / year heavy oil catalyzed heat cracking project 100 ten thousand tons / year suspended bed residul oil hydrogeneration unit 8 under production
            61 China Petroleum Supplies Co., Ltd. Daqing petrochemical branch refining 120 ten thousand tons / year hydrocracking unit 9 under production
            62 Henan Baiyoufu Biological Energy Co.,Ltd. Straw heat pyrolysis liquidation hydrogeneration catalized preparation fueling demonstration project 2 under production
            63 Shandong Easten Hualong Industry and Trade Group oil quality updating interated unit 160 ten thousand tons/ year hydro-upgrading unit high pressure air cooler 16 under production
            64 Shandong Shenchi Chemical Co.,Ltd. Distillate oil hydrogeneration unit heat air cooler 16 under production
            65 Petroleum Daqing Refining and chemical Branch lubricant factory isomerism Dewaxing high pressure tube bundle updating 4 under production
            66 Hengyi Industry (Wenlai) Co.,Ltd. Hengyi (Wenlai Project) 8 2017-12-30
            67 Sinopec Cangzhou Branch Tube Bundle Overhauling 2 2017-4-10
            68 Sinopec Engineering & Construction Co.,Ltd. Anqing Super Duplex Phase Steel 8 2016.12.30
            69 Lanzhou Lanshi Heavy Equipment Co.,ltd. Kade Nice Hebei- heavy oil light project 8 2017-2-202016.8.12
            70 Zhonghai Asphalt (Taizhou) Co.,ltd. Tube Bundle Overhauling 1 2016.5.17
            71 CNOOC Huizhou Refining Branch Refining Phase II Diesel hydrogeneration, wax hydrogeneration unit 6 2016.1.30
            72 Sinopec Luoyang Engineering Co.,Ltd. Beihai Refining Updating Project Wax Hydrogeneration heat seperation air cooler 2 2015.10.10
            73 Shandong Huidong New Energy Co.,Ltd. 30 ten thousand tons/ year anthracene oil light quality unit 4 2015.9.10
            74 Sinopec Qingdao Refining and Chemical Engineering Co.ltd overhead air cooler 2 2015.4.25
            75 Lijin Petroleum & chemical Co.,ltd. 80 ten thousand tons/year diesel hydro-updating 8 2015.6.30
            76 Hebei Xinqiyuan Energy Technoloty & Development Co.,Ltd. Fluidized Bed coal tar hydrogeneration Project 2 2014-1.25
            77 China Petroleum Liaoyang Petrochemical Branch 550 ten thousand tons/year crude oil unit 6 2014.1.20
            78 Zhonghai Asphalt Co.,ltd 120 ten thousand tons / year hydrogeneration quality improving unit 4 2014.2.20
            79 Sinopec Qilu Branch 260 ten thousand tons/ year wax hydrognenation unit 8 2014.2.25
            80 Shandong Changyi Petrochemical Co.,Ltd. 180 ten thousand tons / year desiel hydrogeneration improving quality unit 8 2013.10.5
            81 Sinopec Jinan Branch Tube Bundle Overhauling 2 2013.2.6
            82 China Petrochemical Qingdao Refinery Chemical Co.ltd 1200 ten thousand tons/year crude oil unit distillation unit 8 2012.12.20
            83 China Petroleum Changqing Branch 60 ten thousand tons / year desiel hydrogeneration unit 1 2012.9.30
            84 China Petrochemical Qilu Branch 4th crude oil unit unit anticorrosion reforming 4 2012.9.30
            85 China Chemical Quanzhou 1200 ten thousand tons/year Refinery 330 ten thousand tons / year residul oil hydrogeneration Unit 1 2012.10.30
            86 Sinopec Jinan Branch Tube Bundle Overhauling 2 2012.11.20
            87 Sinopec Quanzhou 1200 ten thousand tons/ year refining 375 ten thousand tons / year desiel liquidation phase hydrogeneration unit 6 201210.29
            88 Yanshan Sinopec Lubricant hydrogenation unit 8 2012.7.30
            89 Shijiazhuang Refining Branch 180 ten thousand tons/year wax hydrotreater 4 2012.9.30
            90 Fushun Mining Industry Co.,ltd. Shale oil heat high seperation air cooler 4 2011.7.30
            91 Sinopec Jinan Branch Crude oil unit air cooler tube bundle replacement 1 2010.11.20
            92 Zhonghai Liqing (Yingkou) Co.,Ltd. Pitch Project Crude oil nornal pressure tower top air cooler 1 2010.3.31
            93 Sinopec Qilu Petrochemical Branch Crude oil unit safety risk governing transformation of enerty-saving atmospheric and vacuum oil & gas air cooler 12 2009.6.30
            94 Sinopec Qilu Petrochemical Branch Crude oil unit safety risk governing transformation of energy-saving technology project air cooler 12 2009.6.30
            95 Liaoning Huajin Chemical (Group) Co.ltd Ethylene reorganization and expansion oil and chemical construction 500 ten thousand tons /year crude oil unit atmospheric and vacuum second class of air cooler 4 2008.12.30
            96 Liaoning Huajin Chemical (Group) Co.ltd Ethylene reorganization and expansion oil and chemical construction 500 ten thousand tons /year crude oil unit atmospheric and vacuum first class of air cooler 6 2008.12.30
            97 Liaoning Huajin Chemical (Group) Co.,Ltd Ethylene reorganization and expansion oil and chemical construction 500 ten thousand tons/ year crude oil unit atmospheric and vacuum decapitation top gas air cooler 2 2008.12.30
            98 China Petroleum Guangxi Petrochemical Branch (CPFCC) 1000 ten thousand tons / year crude oil unit electro-desallting drainage air cooler 2 2008.2.28
            99 China Petroleum Guangxi Petrochemial Branch diesel hydrogeneration reconstrucion low air seperation air cooler 2 2013.11
            100 Beijing Trimerization Environment Protection New Material Co.,Ltd Shandong Haiyou 100 ten thousand tons / year naphtha and diesel mixture hydroneration unit 4 under production
            No Clien End User DATE Location
            1 CPECC & Fluor(UK) Gazprom Pererabotka Blagoveshchensk LLC Mar-18 Russia
            2 Babcock & Wilcox BECHTEL Sep-2017 US
            3 LuoYang Petrochemical Corporation Engineering HeNan BaiYouFu Bioenergy Co.,Ltd. Sep-2017 China
            4 China Petroleum Engineering Construction Corp. Halfaya oilfield CPF3 July-2017 IRAQ
            5 Holtec International HPB July-2017 US
            6 Hengyi Industries Sdn Bhd Hengyi Industries Sdn Bhd Jun-2017 Brunei
            7 ZhenHai Petrochemical Engineering Hengyi Industries Sdn Bhd May-2017 Brunei
            8 Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited National Thermal Power Corporation Apr-2017 India
            9 Hengyi Industries Sdn Bhd Hengyi Industries Sdn Bhd Apr-2017 Brunei
            10 Hengyi Industries Sdn Bhd Hengyi Industries Sdn Bhd Mar-2017 Brunei
            11 SPIG Babcock & Wilcox SPIG,Inc. Jan-2017 US
            12 Runh Power Ashakacem lignite fired power plant Jan-2017 Nigeria
            13 BASF-YPC Company Limited BASF-YPC Company Limited Oct-2016 China
            14 Heatex Taehwa Corporation Heatex Taehwa Corporation Mar-2016 Korea
            15 Holtec International Black & Veatch, Sewaren 07 combined cycle project Jun-201 Sewaren USA
            16 GE Oil & Gas HongLiu Project Jan-2016 China
            17 NFC Pavloder oil Chenmistry Refinery Dec-2015 Kazakhstan
            18 Fluor China YouseRec Jul-2015 China
            19 Fluor Canada Inter Pipeline (Canada) Jul-2015 Canada
            20 SPIG/Siemens SK jun-2015 Korea
            21 SPIG Italy SPIG Italy May-2015 Italy
            22 HOLTEC International Covanta Energy – Covanta Durham York Renewable Energy Limited Partnership Apr-2015 USA
            23 LuYang Prtrochemical Engineering/SEG Atyrau Refinery Sep-2014 Kazakhstan
            24 BinHua Group BinHua Group Aug-2015 China
            25 Amur Sirius Power Equipment Limited The trotzik state power plant May=2014 Russia
            26 CTCI Group Far Eastern Unit Petrochemical Ltd Jul-2013 China
            27 SK Engineering & Contruction NingBo SK performance Rubber Co.,Ltd. May-2013 China
            28 Amur Sirius Power Equipment Limited The trotzik state power plant May-2013 Russia
            29 China Petroleum Engineering Construction Corp. INDONESIA PKG Phosphate Project Sep-2013 Indonesia
            30 HOLTEC International University of Alberta Bundle replacement Aug-2013 Canada
            31 China HuanQiu Contractin g& Engineering Cepsa Chemical Jan-2013 China
            32 Harbin Electrical Corporation Esmeraldas II Thermal Plant Jul-2012 Ecuador
            33 R.R.Project R.R.Project Jun-2012 Ireland
            34 Linde LinDe Air Product(JiLin) Mar-2012 China
            35 PetroChina Southwest Oil and Gasfield Company Turkmenistan South los jotham Feb-2012 Turkmenistan
            36 CTCI Group Oriental Petrochemical(TaiWan) Feb-2012 TaiWan
            37 HOLTEC International Covanta Energy-Covanta Durham York Renewable Energy Limited Partnership Jan-2012 USA
            38 Essar Jharkhand Limited Essar Jharkhand Limited Jan-2012 India
            39 Essar Jharkhand Limited Essar Jharkhand Limited Dec-2011 India
            40 GE Oil & Gas Nuovo Pignone GE Oil & Gas Nuovo Pignone Dec-2011 Italy
            41 Sinoma Waste Heat Recovery Power Plant Aug-2011 Dubai UAE
            42 IND BARATH India IND BARATH India Jun-2011 India
            43 China Petroleum Engineering Construction Corp. Halfaya oilfield Jun-2011 IRAQ
            44 SPIG Italy SPIG Italy Jan-2011 Italy
            45 China Petroleum Engineering Construction Corp. PetroChina Kazakhstan Branch Apr-2010 Kazakhstan
            46 WuHuan Engineering Co.,Ltd. PETROVIETNAM/CPMB Jan-2010 Vietnam
            47 CPECC Chad N’Djamena Refinery Project N’Djamena Refinery Co.,Ltd. Oct-2009 Chad
            48 Aprilia Gas combined cycle Ansaldo Energia S.p.A. Jun-2009 Italy
            49 China National Electirc Engineering Ranhill Powertron II Sdn Bhd Jun-2009 Malaysia
            50 China National Electirc Engineering Ranhill Powertron II Sdn Bhd Jun-2009 Malaysia
            51 China Petroleum Engineering Construction Corp. Natural gas condensater oil Apr-2009 Bengal
            52 Fluor Australia Pty Ltd BHP Billiton Nickel West Mar-2009 Australia
            53 China Petroleum Engineering Construction Corp. Petrodar Operating Co., Ltd. Dec-2008 Sudan
            54 Fluor Engineering & Contruction LDKsolar Jul-2008 China
            55 Fluor Engineering & Contruction LDKsolar May-2008 China
            56 Fluor Engineering & Contruction LDKsolar Mar-2008 China
            57 China Petroleum Engineering Construction Corp. PT.SURYA BESINDO SAKTI Jul-2008 INDONESIA
            58 China Petroleum Engineering Construction Corp. PT.TUBAN LPG INDONESIA Apr-2008 INDONESIA
            59 Keppel Seghers Engineer Singapore Keppel Seghers Engineer Singapore Feb-2007 Singapore
            60 Sinopec Engineering Inconrporation Bengal RPGCL Nov-2006 Bangladesh
            61 Canada North Bay power station Jun-2005 Canada
            62 Holtec International Black & Veatch, Sewaren 07 combined cycle project Jun-2016 Sewaren USA
            63 Sinopec Engineering Inconrporation Bangladish Gas Co.,Ltd Oct-2006 Bangladesh
            ADD : No.7 Dianchi Street, Centralized District, Yingbin Road, High-Tech Developing Zone, Harbin, China.
            TEL : 0451-58699963 / 0451-84674449
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